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Learn how to properly clean commercial and household coffee equipment

  • Storing Coffee at Home

    There are many factors that play into coffee freshness. But one of the most important elements of having great tasting coffee both at home and at the café is how you store it. We’ll break down different ways you can store your coffee, as well as vessels to preserve it in, and what you can do when your coffee has passed its peak freshness.

  • The Scoop on Coffee Scoring & Sustainability

    Coffee scores carry the potential to give farmers vital information about the health of their plants and how to sell their coffee. But the impact of coffee scores on local economies and the environment can vary depending on access, education, and communication of scores throughout the coffee supply and consumption chain.

  • Soon Coffee: Making Specialty Coffee More Inclusive & Accessible

    Soon Coffee in Canada serves some of the best coffees and does so with the mindset of inclusivity, approachability and sustainability, breaking down some of the barriers that are often associated with specialty coffee.