Why is cleaning coffee equipment important?
Coffee is by nature a very oily substance. Over time, coffee oils accumulate inside of your machine to form a rancid residue. This residue is responsible for the unpleasant smell you may recognize coming from a poorly maintained machine. Unfortunately, this residue causes more than just bad odor. If allowed to develop, residue inside of your machine will eventually clog its filters and tubes and cause it to malfunction. Well before your machine clogs or you even notice the signs of neglect, the stale residue lining the inside of your machine will begin to affect the taste of the fresh coffee you prepare.

What is descaling?
Descaling is the process of removing limescale (also known as mineral scale) from inside the hot water tank of your machine. With regular descaling, you can extend the life of your brewer and your coffee will maintain its proper brewing temperature, which means you will get the most out of your coffee.

Why do I need to clean and descale?
Cleaning is the process of removing the coffee oils that will affect the taste that you want from your carefully selected coffee beans. Descaling is the process of removing the mineral build-up from the heating elements in the machine. Regular descaling will help extend the life of the machine and maintain consistent temperature. 

Why are Urnex descalers better than vinegar?
While vinegar is an effective descaler, it is difficult to rinse, takes longer to be effective and leaves behind an unpleasant odor and aftertaste that can affect future brews. Urnex descalers are formulated specifically for this function, rinse quickly and thoroughly and are odorless. This ensures your coffee will taste its best.

How often should I clean my commercial brewer? 
Commercial brewers should be cleaned each night after service. This will prevent the accumulation of stale coffee oils which can impact the taste of the next day's brews. Weekly, take off removable parts such as site glasses, etc. and give these a thorough cleaning as well.

Finally, always remember to wipe down the area around the spray head (above the brew basket), as splashed- back coffee can accumulate there as well.

How often should I clean my commercial espresso machine? 
Commercial espresso machines should be cleaned by backflushing with espresso machine detergent each night. Nightly backflushing will prevent the accumulation of stale coffee oils in the group heads, shower screens and filter baskets of your espresso machine. Keeping these parts clean is essential to maintaining great tasting coffee over time. Weekly, you should soak portafilters and baskets in a solution of espresso machine detergent and water.

How often should I clean my grinder? 
Grinders used for espresso coffee should be cleaned with one capful of Grindz Grinder Cleaning Tablets - or the Puro or Biocaf Grinder Cleaning Tablets - once a week. Larger shop grinders used for drip coffee should be cleaned with two capfuls of Grindz once a month. The reason for the difference in dosage has to do with the different size of the grinders in question. The reason for the increased frequency of espresso grinder cleaning is because espresso beans tend to be darker and more oily, and therefore lead to increased residue deposits on the burrs of the grinder.

Why is Grindz more effective than rice?
In the past, many people have cleaned grinders with rice. However, rice carries the risk of locking up the motor of a grinder as it passes through and is turned into a fine powder. The hardness and shape of Grindz prevents this from happening. Using rice to clean your grinder also leaves a starchy residue on the inner mechanics of a grinder that is difficult to remove and leads to greater and more frequent buildup.

Can I use Grindz on a fully automatic (bean-to-cup) machine?
While Grindz will effectively clean the burrs on most any coffee grinder; we do not recommend use of the product on fully automatic espresso machines without specific instructions from your machine's manufacturer. The reason we urge caution is that the brew chamber of each fully automatic espresso machine is different. Although Grindz is fully edible and food safe, the composition of the product gives it a tendency to expand when put in contact with large volumes of water. SuperGrindz, is formulated to repel water, and is thus safe to use to clean grinders that are in superautomatic machines.

What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and where can I find them?
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) include information about the toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, dispolsal and more for every Urnex product. A SDS for each product can be downloaded on the product page or found here. Should you need an SDS for a country other than the United States, please contact us at info@urnex.com to request the specific SDS for your country.

What does 'NSF certified' mean?
NSF certified products have been met to strict standards and procedures to make sure that our products are safe to public health protection. Urnex is proud to have over 25 NSF certified products in its portfolio.

What does 'OMRI' mean?
OMRI™ certified products have been independently certified and reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute. In their review, OMRI™ audits our formulas and operations in order to confirm that all ingredients used are listed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture as approved for use in organic food processing. Urnex is proud to have many of its products meet these USDA standards.

Are Urnex products toxic?
We develop products with safe usage and transportation in mind. As such, all products made by Urnex are non-toxic. In addition, many of our products contain food-safe dyes to help ensure proper rinsing.

What is the shelf life of Urnex products?
Our formulas have been tested and approved for 24-month (2 year) shelf life under room temperature conditions. On occassion, powder products stored in hot and humid warehouses may experience clumping. If this occurs, there is no effect on the product's performance, but the powder must be agitated to return to its original form.