Roaster Cleaning

Roaster Cleaning

Cleaning a coffee roaster can be an intimidating prospect. There are several different brands of roasters, each with their own unique functionality and configuration. They’re enormous pieces of equipment, and a deep clean can take the better part of a full day. And cleaning a roaster means cleaning several different parts of the machine, from the chaff collector, impeller fan, cooling tray, ducting and piping. It can be difficult to know where to start.

But cleaning a roaster is essential not only for the taste of the coffee, but for safety concerns. Since coffee oils and chaff are highly flammable, a dirty roaster is a serious fire hazard. A dirty roaster also disrupts the airflow of the machine, which alters the quality and consistency of any given batch. 

We wanted to make the prospect of cleaning a roaster a little easier. That’s why we introduced two new cleaners – Roaster Sprayz and Roaster Soakz – the first products dedicated to cleaning and maintaining coffee roasters. These cleaners are designed to easily remove hardened, heavy coffee residue that has accumulated on different parts of the roasters. Cleaning a roaster is now as easy as a quick spray or soak.

But we also want to provide roasters and coffee professionals the information and resources they need properly tackle their own dirty roaster:

12 Coffee Roaster Cleaning Tips

Roaster Cleaning

To cut through the gunk and the grime of dirty roasters, we partnered with roaster extraordinaire and specialty coffee entrepreneur, Kat Melheim. She shared with us her 12 essential cleaning tips that every roaster should know to properly maintain their machine.

Check out Kat’s 12 tips for cleaning a roaster.

Roaster Cleaning Guide

Roaster Cleaning

With so many different components of a roaster, you might not know where to start. So we created a visual step-by-step guide for you to clean your roaster in the correct order with the proper tools.

Check out our step-by-step roaster cleaning guide.

Roaster Sprayz – How to Clean Roaster Parts

All internal and external parts of a coffee roaster can get dirty. See how you can easily clean each one of them with Roaster Sprayz.