Superautomatic Grinder Cleaning Guide

Just like with manual grinders, coffee particles and oils can become lodged in the burrs of superautomatic machines. But for these one-touch machines, we’ve designed a new cleaner that safely and effectively removes any unwanted buildup in superautomatic grinders.

Step 1 — Remove all coffee from the bean hopper and return the empty hopper to the machine.

Step 2 — Brew the largest cup size 2 times to remove all coffee that remains in the chamber.

Step 3 — Add 1 capful of SuperGrindz to the bean hopper.

Step 4 — Add 3 capfuls of coffee beans to the same bean hopper.

Step 5 — Brew the largest cup size 5 times, or until there are no traces of SuperGrindz remaining in the cup or in the discarded pucks of coffee grounds.

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