Milk System Cleaning Guide

With an automatic milk frother, there’s no worrying about manually steaming or frothing your milk to a perfect texture for a latte or cappuccino. But milk can dry up in the milk tubes, which causes rancid mineral and calcium build-up. Our dairy cleaners effectively break down that residue so it doesn’t find its way into your dairy drinks.

Step 1 — Remove the milk tube from the milk container (if applicable) and remove the milk container from the refrigerated storage compartment.

Step 2 — Locate and initiate the milk cleaning cycle on the machine.

Step 3 — Add the cleaning tablet (or liquid or powder) that is recommended by the manufacturer to an empty container or the manufacturer-provided milk cleaning container.

Step 4 — Follow the machine’s milk cleaning instructions, and either connect or insert the milk system tube to the cleaning container. For machines that have a dedicated cleaning cycle, once the milk cleaning cycle has been activated, it will add water to dilute the cleaner and will distribute the cleaning solution until the cleaning process is complete. For machines that do not have a dedicated cleaning cycle, it is necessary to manually add water to create a cleaning solution. Refer to the machine manufacturer’s instructions for details.

Step 5 — Once the cleaning cycle has ended, refill the milk cleaning container with clean cold water and repeat the cleaning cycle with water only to ensure the components no longer contain any traces of the cleaning solution. In some machines, this step is done automatically, without need for operator intervention.