Cold Brew at Global Specialty Coffee Expo

The 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo commenced last weekend in Seattle, and one thing was made clear: the cold brew trend is here to stay.

Urnex was thrilled to be a part of the Expo as one of the 412 exhibitors and amongst the 12,000 attendees. It’s a great chance for us to connect with baristas, roasters, manufacturers, and others in the specialty coffee world, and to see and hear what they’re working on. And it was apparent that the one initiative that everyone seemed to have a hand in, including us, is cold brew.

For the past year, we have been developing our new 1-2-Cold Brew kit, the first dedicated cleaning and sanitizing product for every method of making and dispensing cold brew. We were honored that it was named as a Best New Product finalist in the Open Class, and ecstatic to hear from many that it will be a valuable resource to improve the brewing process.

To learn more about 1-2-Cold Brew click here or email us.

Professionals Making Cold Brew

Outside of cleaning, several booths at the Expo were completely dedicated to cold brew. BKON displayed its large scale Storm tank that can produce up to 3,300 gallons in 8 hours. To prove the tank’s quality, BKON featured its new Coldstretto beverage, which is brewed in the Storm and combines the intensity of concentrated espresso with the smoothness of cold brew. BKON also distributed samples on tap from Panther and George Howell to showcase the wide range of flavor differences achieved.

Unsurprisingly, Toddy’s booth was decked out with equipment specifically designed for the beverage, featuring the Toddy Cold Brew System consisting of a dispensing bucket, decanter and filter. Toddy was also present at the Expo’s pop-up beer garden, Uppers and Downers. On the menu was an Orange Mole Toddy, a cocktail made with cold brew as well as bourbon, triple sec, whole milk and bitters.

Cold Brew at Home

Other booths aimed to arm consumers with the right products to make the beverage at home, and without waiting a full day to enjoy it. Bruer exhibited its Cold Bruer that employs a slow drip method to produce a high flavor clarity and a less acidic and bitter cup. Compared to the full immersion method, which takes 18-24 hours, the Cold Bruer can brew a batch in just six hours. And Breville’s new Precision Brewer Thermal allows households to make cold coffee in as little as 15 minutes.

Learning Cold Brew

Attendees at Expo were given the opportunity to learn more about cold brew outside of the exhibition hall. A lecture titled ‘Telling the Stories of Coffee with Cold Brew’ examined a timeline from cold brew’s early history to its rapid growth today. It also compared the flavor profile differences of cold and hot brewing methods, and discussed strategies for designing programs around the drink at different levels of the coffee supply chain.

SCA Expo 2017 proved that cold brew coffee is more than just a flash in the pan. And that quite a few brands are finding ways to make the most of the opportunity.