Coffee System Cleaning Guide

The group head is the device where water is forced through the coffee grounds that sit in the portafilter at an ideal temperature and pressure to produce a well-balanced espresso. But the group head won’t distribute water evenly through the coffee grounds if lingering coffee residue isn’t cleaned from the filter screen of the group.

Step 1 — Insert the blind basket into the portafilter.

Step 2 — Add 3 grams of Cafiza into the portafilter using the Scoopz dosing tool (1 scoop = 1.5 g).

Step 3 — Insert the portafilter into the group head.

Step 4 — Activate the brew cycle for 10 seconds. Stop the cycle after 10 seconds. Repeat this step 5 times.

Step 5 — Remove the portafilter from the group head. Activate the brew cycle and rinse the portafilter in a stream of water from the group head.

Step 6 — Insert the portafilter, still with the blind basket, into the group head without adding any cleaning product. Repeat Step 2.

Step 7 — Remove the blind basket from the portafilter using Portatoolz.

Step 8 — Insert the standard portafilter basket.

Step 9 — Brew a cup of espresso and discard it to ensure no residue remains.