Nespresso Machine Descaling & Cleaning Kit

  • A single-use kit for full maintenance of Nespresso® Original Line machines.
  • Use regularly for better tasting coffee and consistent machine performance.
  • Contains 1 cleaning capsule and 1 bottle of liquid descaler.
  • The cleaning capsule removes coffee oils and residue from the exit needle.
  • The descaling liquid breaks down and removes limescale.
  • Both the cleaner and descaler are odorless.
  • Video instructions available - watch now.
  • Product Code: 25-CCP-UXN-KIT
  • Contents: 1 bottle of descaling liquid and 1 cleaning capsule
  • Case Quantity: 12 cartons
  • Pallet Quantity: 192 cases 

Descaling Liquid

1.  Empty bottle into reservoir.

2.  Add water to fill reservoir.

3.  Brew full reservoir.

4.  Discard remaining solution.

5.  Refill reservoir with water

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