What We Do

At Urnex Brands, LLC, we manufacture products bearing the Urnex name at our Elmsford, New York production facility. After more than 80 years of industry experience, and at a time when many other companies have outsourced production to third parties, We are still deeply committed to developing and manufacturing our own products.

Urnex is more than a line of cleaning products. We’re passionate people who have become the world’s leading experts in cleaning coffee equipment. Our products are the result of applied problem-solving and experience. When you work with Urnex, you work with a team of people who are dedicated to anticipating and solving the challenges your coffee business faces.

Our technical team is present at every step of production to ensure that all Urnex Brand products meet the highest standards of quality control. Furthermore, being the manufacturer allows Urnex to maintain unparalleled product flexibility as we work to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the industry. Our technical capabilities are a source of pride here at Urnex, as we feel that they are a benchmark of our ability to provide you with outstanding products.

Who We Work With

Distributors and Online Retailers

Many of our distributors got in this business for the same reason we did—a passion for coffee. So we work closely with these professionals to make sure we’re in touch with the evolving industry and developing solutions that stay ahead of the curve.

Convenience Stores and Food Service

So many people get their coffee on the go—and Urnex has developed the cleaning technology to make sure “mobile” coffee is just as clean and fresh as home-brewed. Our products make it easy to make it consistently good. And those consumers who keep coming back? They make it profitable.

Machine Manufacturers

The sip. The verdict. Good or bad, the impression of the coffee will be connected to the name on the machine. No matter how well made, if the machine is not well cleaned and maintained, it can’t live up to it’s promise. Urnex helps machine makers ensure that properly cleaned equipment helps them keep a spotless reputation.


The artists who create delicious roasts and blends have a reputation and a business at stake—and dirty machinery can undermine all their efforts. We work with roasters and resellers to make sure nothing gets in the way of great taste and well-deserved brand recognition.


When the best coffee the staff can get is brewed right down the hall, workers are happy, and taking fewer trips to the corner cafe during the day. Coffee may be more essential to productivity than computers. Urnex makes it so easy to make each pot fresh and delicious.

Service Providers

No one knows the value of preventive maintenance better than the people who have to fix the problems that limescale and buildup can create. By introducing Urnex to their customers, coffee equipment servicers can reduce equipment problems and increase customer satisfaction.