In just a few weeks, SIGEP will host the 2018 Italian Barista & Coffee Championships. The following week, from January 28th to the 30th, France will crown its national Barista champion as well as the winner of its Coffee in Good Spirits and Brewers Cup competitions. In February, Ireland, Greece, South Africa and Germany will all select national coffee champions. Yes, the 2018 coffee competition season is upon us. It is an exciting time for the specialty coffee industry and all involved in these events, particularly for the competitors, sponsors and spectators.

Urnex has long supported coffee competitions and the competitors themselves through partnerships with local distributors, event organizers, the Specialty Coffee Association, as well as with the Urnex Ambassador program. The Ambassador program, which launched in 2015, has supported 25 national coffee champions in their competitive and professional pursuits, and has raised awareness worldwide of the crucial role that clean equipment plays in delivering championship quality coffee beverages.

As announced in December by World Coffee Events (WCE), Urnex will also add to these activities the title of Qualified Cleaning Sponsor for the World Coffee Championships for 2018-2020.  Urnex is the only company to be selected as a Qualified Sponsor across all 6 events. Previously, Urnex had been the Qualified Cleaning Sponsor from 2012-2014.

“The World Coffee Championships represent the highest levels of competition, with an incredible amount of hard work, time, passion and skill necessary to compete on the global stage,” remarked Isaac Cohen, Vice President of Marketing at Urnex. “We value this opportunity to engage with these competitors, the WCE, attendees, other sponsors and our international partners to promote coffee excellence to the growing international specialty coffee community.”

Both Urnex Cafiza and Puro Espresso Equipment Cleaners have been qualified for use by the competitors at each of the World Coffee Championship events.