Grinder Cleaning Guide

How do you ensure that the single-origin Ethiopian you just picked up doesn’t taste like last week’s Sumatra? Make sure old coffee residue isn’t coating the grinder’s interior. Old coffee grounds can easily become lodged in the nooks and crannies of a grinder’s hopper and burrs, which interfere with the flavor of future brews. And clean grinder burrs and casings help extend the life of a grinder.

Step 1 — Empty all coffee from the grinder.

Step 2 — Pour Grindz into the bean hopper using the recommended dosage for the grinder type: one cap for espresso grinders and 2 caps for bulk grinders.

Step 3 — Adjust the grinder to medium setting.

Step 4 — Grind the cleaning product through the machine, like you would with coffee beans.

Step 5 — Add twice as much coffee to the hopper as Grindz. Grind through until no yellow Grindz particles are visible.

Step 6 — Use Wipz to clean the inside of the bean hopper.

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