Biocaf Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder

  • Removes coffee oils from household coffee machines, French presses and pourover equipment.
  • Formulated from biodegradable and phosphate free ingredients that are derived from natural sources.
  • Each box contains 3 x single-use packets.
  • Brew through your machine's reservoir or soak at a ratio of 1 packet per 32 oz water.
  • Video instructions available - watch now.
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  • Product Code: 19-FCCP12-3PK
  • Contents: 3 x single-use packets
  • Case Quantity: 12 cartons
  • Pallet Quantity: 180 cases 

For Drip Coffee Machines

1.  Empty coffee from equipment and add Biocaf Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder into warm water at a ratio per of one packet (9 g) per 1 L (32 oz) of water into a separate container outside of the machine's water reservoir.

2.  Once powder has fully dissolved, add cleaning solution into the machine's water tank.​

3.  Run a full brew cycle to allow cleaner to 'brew through' the machine. Hold for 30 minutes. 

4.  Rinse carafe or server with clean hot water thoroughly.

5.  Fill machine's water reservoir with only water and brew until empty. Rinse all components and repeat twice more, until no cleaning solution remains in the machine.

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For French Presses and Pourover Devices

1.  Combine Biocaf Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder and warm water at a ratio per of one packet (9 g) per 1 L (32 oz) of warm water into the brewing device. Stir to accelerate dissolution.

2.  Allow cleaning solution to remain in vessel for 30 minutes. 

3.  Discard cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly with hot water to ensure no cleaner remains.


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