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"Cafiza is my favorite. I use it on portafilters, portafilter baskets, dispersion screens, Fetco brew baskets, coffee urns and caraffes and also on my 1991 Ford Bronco."

Lem Butler

Owner: Black & White Coffee
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How did you get into the coffee industry and become a barista?

By chance I saw an ad for an early morning opening shift as a barista in a local paper. I had no idea what a barista was, but I was attracted to the early morning shifts because I am a morning person. Once I started as a barista I was hooked. The barista competitions opened a door to a whole new world I never knew existed and I have not looked back.


What is the most unusual ingredient you’ve used in a coffee drink? Why did you choose it?

Cucumber was the most unusual ingredient I have ever used. I choose it to create a refreshing aspect to the signature drink.


What are you thinking about right before you go on stage at a competition?

Swimming with sea turtles in the British Virgin Islands. Seriously, I can't hear a thing down there, its very peaceful.


What is your best coffee experience?

A deconstructed espresso and milk at Slate Coffee Bar in Seattle. Outstanding!


What is your favorite brew method at home and why?

During the week the Chemex is easy and fast. On the weekend, I fire up my Ponte Vecchio Lusso lever espresso machine.


What is one piece of knowledge you would share with a non-barista coffee drinker?

I guess its more advice than knowledge, but have an open mind to new coffees. There are so many coffee producers in the world just waiting for us to taste their hard work.


Outside of coffee, what do you do for fun?

Bike ride with my son.