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"Cafiza! Can't start work without it."

Julieta Vazquez

Coffee Shop: Arandela Barra De Cafe
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How did you get into the coffee industry and become a barista?

When I was helping my mom open her coffee shop I fell in love with coffee. Then I went on to compete for the first time and learned a lot. Now I can't imagine my life without coffee.


What is the most unusual ingredient you’ve used in a coffee drink? Why did you choose it?

I've never used an unusual ingredient, always fruits, flowers, honey..etc. I really like customers and other baristas to be able to replicate the recipes.


What are you thinking about right before you go on stage at a competition?

3,2,1 here we go!


What is your best coffee experience?

The nice people and places I've met, and all the knowledge acquired during all this time. Also when I visited a coffee farm for the first time.


What is your favorite brew method at home and why?

My favorite brew method besides espresso is a chemex.


What is one piece of knowledge you would share with a non-barista coffee drinker?

That there is a lot of hard work, passion and a lot of people involved behind every cup.


Outside of coffee, what do you do for fun?

I love to spend time with my family, walk my dogs, and  visit new places.