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"I use it every day before I finish, and I use it before I grind expensive coffees."

Chad Wang

Trainer, Jascaffe China
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What is your current occupation and employer?

I'm currently employed by Jascaffe China as a brewing instructor and brand ambassador.


When did you know you wanted to turn your passion for coffee into a career?

A couple of years ago, when I went to REC coffee in Fukuoka for my internship.


What’s the best piece of coffee-related advice you’ve received?

"Believe in your coffee"


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Having my own chain specialty coffee brand.


How did you first decide to compete in a coffee competition?

I decided to compete when I made my first lot of "Maker Series" on the NPGE in Panama. I wanted to show the world my coffee.


How many coffees did you taste before choosing one for the national competition in Taiwan?

150 coffees


List all the national and world coffee competitions have you competed in.
  • Taiwan Brewers Cup, World Brewers Cup 2016
  • Taiwan Brewers Cup, World Brewers Cup 2017


What is the reaction you receive when you tell someone outside the coffee community that you are a champion barista competitor?

I've had some mixed reactions. The most common reaction is "Ooo can I try your coffee?" But I've also had people ask me what a barista is.


What is your favorite Urnex product?

Grindz - I use it every day before I finish, and I use it before I grind expensive coffees.


What is unique about coffee culture in *Taiwan?

It interesting that not many people know that Taiwan is also a coffee producing country. The main reason is because Taiwan produces only a very small quantity, not enough for export. Taiwan's specialty market is relatively mature. You can find some good quality coffee shops and even chains where coffees are sold at very reasonable prices. Taiwanese baristas and roasters have proven their skills through competitions in the past few years, and I'm very proud to be one of them.