Alexander Ruas

Coffee Consultant in Europe, US, & Asia


Favorite brew method

My preferred way of dialing in a coffee is to use the Clever Dripper. It’s as close to cupping as it comes. But of course, I crave an espresso every morning.


Most neglected part of a coffee shop

As I’m really hungry right now, I want to write ‘the doughnut counter’. But honestly, I think you can tell a lot about the level of ambition of a coffee shop by taking a quick look how clean the counter is around the grinders.


Favorite Urnex product

As I’ve been doing quite a bit of product development of coffee grinders for a Swedish coffee hardware company, I’ve been loving and using a lot of Grindz.


One thing people don’t realize about coffee

People are always blown away by the fact that it’s a seed of a berry that we clean, ship, roast, grind and then pour some water on. Who ever came up with this!?


Inspiring quote

“If it wasn’t for coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” – David Letterman


Influential person in my career

Today my coffee #BFF’s are Oskar Garberg, Erik Rosendahl, Joanna Alm & Benjamin Norman. We all have honed our coffee skills for years together and helped, challenged and pushed each other to excel in all aspects of coffee life.


What I like most about my job

As an independent consultant, I have the opportunity to: work with coffee farms and producers where I learn more and more every year, partner with coffee hardware companies to help them make equipment that better suit ambitious baristas’ needs, and finally, experience coffee roasters/bars all over the world where I get to roast and brew great coffee with some of the most ambitious baristas out there.