Dezcal Liquid

  • Removes even the toughest scale buildup without damaging equipment.
  • Effectively descales hot water tanks and boilers, as well as faucets and sprayheads.
  • Formulated with biodegradable and safe ingredients.
  • For commercial boiler descaling, dose at a ratio of 1 part Dezcal Liquid to 10 parts water. For in-machine applications, use 1 oz of Dezcal Liquid per liter of water tank capacity.
  • Product Code: 15-DLQ1
  • Contents: 1 liter bottle (33.8 oz)
  • Case Quantity: 12 bottles 
  • Pallet Quantity: 50 cases 
  • For commercial applications where boilers are removed prior to descaling, create a descaling solution using 1 part Dezcal per 10 parts warm water. 
  • For in-machine descaling, use 1 oz of Dezcal for every liter of water tank capacity.
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