We’re Back from Origin

Posted: January 20, 2016


The Urnex team of 12 is back from a life-changing 4 days in Costa Rica. Not only did we become closer as an organization, but we also gained a fuller view of the specialty coffee industry – an industry that is so important to us and our business.

While in Costa Rica, we visited 9 coffee farms and micro-mills. This gave us a better appreciation for the intense efforts involved in harvesting coffee ­– the best 85+ coffees in the world. More importantly, we came to know the people of the coffee industry. We met multi-generational producers and migrant workers who allowed us to “help” pick the ripest cherries. Our hosts, Exclusive Coffees, are a team of coffee advisors who are changing the world and industry for the better by educating the producer and advising on best practices.


Next week, we will begin to feature a follow-up on all the amazing farms and micro-mills we visited. For now, we applaud the passion and dedication, the love and preparation and the effort and commitment that is in each harvest.

We remind you all to savor the pleasure of your daily cup and Pura Vida!