Sustainability Close to Home – Urnex Visits Stone Barns

Posted: August 9, 2012

Learning About the Sources of Our Food and Coffee

We took a few hours last week to visit Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a farm dedicated to creating a healthy, sustainable food system and educating the public about the importance of a food’s source. The 80-acre center provides fresh crops to businesses throughout the Hudson Valley region, including Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the recently awarded Five Diamond AAA restaurant located right on the property.

There’s a lot that can be learned from Stone Barns’ mission: a food’s source is vital to its sustainability and taste. Restaurants and their chefs often excel because they can source the best raw materials. Maybe that’s the way it should be for coffee.

A coffee bean’s origins play a major role in the quality of the coffee. Its growing region changes the flavor and can provide for many unique coffee experiences. The soil, the elevation, and the care a farmer gives to his crops all lead to a superior product. While the roaster, shipper, grinder, brewer, and consumer all influence the coffee that winds up in your cup, let’s not forget the importance of the coffee bean’s origins. With great admiration, we send our thanks to Stone Barns for increasing public awareness about the importance of our food’s sources.

Next time you are drinking a great cup of coffee, determine the source of the beans. Knowing this might make your coffee experience even more special.