How to use CleanCup™ Descaling Liquid

Posted: October 16, 2015

Clean and descale your machine for better tasting coffee! Descaling also helps to extend the life of your coffee brewer! Compatible with all home coffee brewers, including all single cup and capsule machines. For more information please visit us at

4 Simple Steps:

  1. Empty 1/3 of the bottle CleanCup™ Descaling Liquid into water reservoir
  2. Add fresh water to fill water reservoir
  3. Brew full reservoir of solution through the machine (no capsule needed) and then discard the remaining solution and rinse.
  4. Brew 3 full reservoirs of water through the machine to rinse.

Unlike vinegar, CleanCup™ Descaling Liquid is a professionally formulated cleaning solution proven to be effective at breaking down limescale AND is odorless! We recommend descaling your coffee brewer as often as once per month!