How To Clean with Urnex Cafiza and Rinza

Posted: October 16, 2015

How to clean your automatic espresso machine with Rinza and Cafiza from Urnex. There are two quick and easy parts to cleaning an Automatic Espresso Machine:

  1. First, clean the coffee brewing chamber (with Cafiza)
  2. Clean the milk system (with Rinza)

Clean in place with both and get back to brewing great tasting coffee and espressos!

How to Clean the Coffee Brewing Unit with Cafiza:

  1. Insert one Cafiza cleaning tablet into the tablet deliver chamber.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and cleaning instructions which might be on screen.
  3. Press CLEAN and the machine does the rest! Done!

Note: different machines have different specifications, so be sure to check which size tablet to use.

How to Clean the Milk System with Rinza:

  1. Mix a solution of Rinza and water using either Rinza liquid or tablets with the appropriate dilution.
  2. Insert suction tubes into the solution.
  3. Run entire solution through the milk frother following the machine’s milk cleaning protocol.
  4. Rinse by repeating the same steps using clean, fresh water.