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1 tablet suitable for all bottles/mugs up to 32 fl. oz., if larger use 2 tablets. Fill drinking vessel with

warm water, leaving a bit of space for suds, and add 1 cleaning tablet. Leave lid off and allow to sit for 5

minutes to give tablet time to dissolve (please note tablet may not fully dissolve but the product is working

properly). Replace lid and shake the bottle. Dump solution completely out and rinse three times or until no

suds remain. Your bottle is ready for use!


To Clean Lid/Straw: Dissolve tablet in large bowl/container as directed above. Disassemble the lid/straw and

allow to soak in solution for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

For heavily soiled bottles or mugs repeat process, double the dosage, or use brush to scrub.

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