Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Urnex Home products.
Who is Urnex Brands, LLC and what is the difference between their professional and household products?
What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?
Why should I buy Urnex Descaling Liquid vs. vinegar to descale my machine?
Why can't I use dishwasher detergent on my coffee machine?
How often should I clean my home brewer?
How often should I clean my espresso machine?
Can I use Urnex® Brand Products on aluminum?
Why use Urnex Grinder Cleaner?
Why was Urnex Grinder Cleaner developed?
How does Urnex Grinder Cleaner work?
How often should I clean my grinder?
Is Urnex Grinder Cleaner a "chemical?"
Why use Urnex Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets?
Can I eat or drink Urnex Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets?
Why use Urnex Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder?
What is the difference between Urnex Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder and Urnex Coffee Machine Descaling Powder?
Why should I clean my Keurig® K-Cup® Brewer?
How often should I use the CleanCup™ K-cup Cleaning and Descaling products?
Can I use CleanCup™ Cleaning Cups on any Keurig® machine including the Keurig 2.0?
I don’t have a Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing System, but I have a Keurig® Vue®, Keurig® Rivo®, Starbucks® Verismo™, Tassimo®, Nespresso®, Flavia®, or other single cup coffee brewer. Can I use CleanCup™?
I have a Keurig® brewer with a single-use water reservoir. How much descaling liquid should I use?
What are the ingredients of CleanCup™?
Where can I buy CleanCup™ products?
Can I buy CleanCup™ wholesale?