Groupheads, grinders, batch brewers, cold brewers, steamwands, stainless steel exteriors - there are countless pieces of coffee equipment in a coffee setting, but it’s not always clear how to best take care of that equipment so it can make delicious, clean coffee beverages for years to come.

We’ve created the following set of guides to help you clean and maintain any piece of coffee equipment you might use for your coffee business. We have broken down each type of coffee equipment into simple categories with easy step-by-step instructions and have provided our recommendations for the specific Urnex products to use on that equipment.

To get started, simply find the category and piece of coffee equipment you would like to clean and click on the link for the step-by-step cleaning instructions.

Traditional Espresso

Also known as a semi-automatic, this espresso machine allows baristas to skip the grunt work, but take part in all the fun stuff – grinding the beans, tamping the espresso, and pulling the shot to preference. These are the machines that coffee competitors use in the World Barista Championship, and that you’ll most likely find behind your local coffee bar.

Coffee System


Steam Wand

Super Automatic Espresso

The super automatic espresso machine is a modern technological marvel. With the single press of a button, you’ll have any coffee or espresso beverage you can dream of in a matter of seconds. Super autos will grind, tamp and brew your espresso, as well as control water temperature, froth milk and deposit the used coffee puck. But even though it rids of some of the coffee waste, there is still coffee residue left inside of the machine.

Brew Group

Milk System


Filter Coffee

Found in homes, restaurants and offices, filter coffee, or drip coffee, can be found almost anywhere – the auto-drip coffee maker is the most popular coffee machine in the United States. Filter coffee requires different a grind size, roast level and brewing time than in preparing espresso, but it employs the same process of forcing hot water through ground coffee. And like an espresso machine, filter coffee equipment also needs to be cleaned and maintained to brew a delicious cup.

Filter Basket & Server


Grinding your coffee beans as precisely and evenly as possible is one of the most important factors in brewing a delicious coffee or espresso. Your grind size affects the extraction level, brew time and overall taste of the brew. Whether you’re grinding a new batch of beans, adjusting your grind size, or ridding the machine of stale coffee oils and particles, producing a consistent grind is done by maintaining a clean grinder.

Grinder & Bean Hopper


Whether inside or out of a coffee shop, roasting has its maintenance challenges. The high heat from the machine bakes the coffee residue onto various parts of the roaster, which can restrict airflow, disturb overall batch quality and consistency, and pose a safety hazard in a roasting facility. Learn how to use Urnex’s new Roaster Sprayz to keep your coffee roaster clean and free from buildup.