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Urnex is a global leader in the production of specialty cleaning
products for coffee, espresso, and tea industry. Our people are
world class professionals,  who personify what people envision
as coffee culture  – high energy with a laid back feel.


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Urnex is a dynamic, innovative organization that maintains relationships with the world's largest specialty coffee retailers and equipment manufacturers. While expanding sales in over 70 countries and nearly 80 years of success, Urnex Brands has maintained US based production for the vast majority of its product portfolio. Urnex Brands has enjoyed exponential growth over the last decade and is well positioned for continued prosperity.

Our corporate offices are a vibrant atmosphere of professionals who have altered the landscape in our sector. Urnex is not only an industry leader, but also the company that constantly pushes the envelope, creating an expanding market. Our corporate offices and manufacturing employees work as one team committed to helping customers make better tasting coffee.

Our team's passion to understand our customers is captured every day in our office, drinking our customers' roasts brewed in a variety of their machines. At Urnex you will always be treated to a bottomless cup of great specialty coffee, espresso, and cappuccino right in our office’s "coffee lab" outfitted with the finest brewing instruments.

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